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Food Drive

11/08/2016 Matthew Gouws

The whole country is uniting together to pray for rain and fortunately it looks like it is working which us fantastic. Unfortunately at kitty and puppy haven it is literally raining kittens and puppies (and the odd piglet). there is literally a constant stream of weak, sick or injured animals arriving at us and our staff and volunteers are all working overtime to see all f them are looked after. Vet bills are mounting and the food room is emptying at a rapid rate. The good news is you can now donate meals to us without leaving your chair. Simply select the number of meals you want to sponsor and do an eft directly into our bank account. BANKING DETAILS: Kitty Haven (Cheque Account) Nedbank Sandton City (197005) Account No: 1970845082 If you would like to donate meals on a regular basis you can email and we can send you a debit order form. Thank you for always helping us change their destiny.


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