Food Stuffs

Dry puppy food (Hills, Eukanuba, Montego, Pedigree preferred)

Kitten milk (Royal Canin preferred)

Puppy milk (Royal Canin preferred)


Black dustbin bags

Black round dustbins with lids

Blankets (Grey storm and fleece)


Brooms (with plastic handles)

Chlorine (HTH)

Colour printer

Disposable gloves (non-sterile, medium)

Hose pipes, connectors and sprinklers

Jumbo roll

Laminating pouches


Large flip top dustbins

Mops (with plastic handles) and plastic buckets

Nitrile gloves (Dischem, Large)

Photocopy paper

Plastic dog beds and green plastic igloos (Small, Medium, Large)

Plastic shells (for splash pools)

Plastic washing basket

Rubber floor squeegee

Shade clothe (80% or higher)

Soft toys

Spray bottles


Storage containers (90 litres/ 110 litres/ 150 litres)

Toilet paper

Toys for kittens and cats (balls, mice, wands etc)

Toys for puppies and dogs (Rope toys, balls, chew toys, kongs)

Umbrellas (garden)

Washing machine

Washing powder

Watering cans